Free Wii Points - Connection Ambassador Exchange

Get 500 Wii points, become an ambassador and get up to 10000 Wii points! Connection Ambassador Promotion unofficial meeting point.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

It is really simple, quick tour follows ;-) Are You new to this promotion and Your Wii Shop Channel account is not older than 30 days? If it is so, then register as Person who needs help and confirm Your Wii number and e-mail address, Wii number of Your Connection Ambassador will be sent to You on Your e-mail address then. At the same time will be sent an e-mail with Your Wii number to Your Connection Ambassador. Register Wii number of Your Connection Ambassador at Wii Shop Channel and You will get 500 Wii points when Your Connection Ambassador finishes registration of Your Wii number (within 30 days). Because of e-mail address verification, both of you will get verified e-mail address of each other. If in trouble, please contact Your Connection Ambassador by e-mail directly.

Why do I need to verify my e-mail address?

Without e-mail address verification won't this service work, reliable communication (in the term of e-mail) between You and Your Connection Ambassador can be ensured only by verified e-mail addresses.

Is this legit?

Definitely YES! It is only about this promotion and providing contact between Wii users within this promotion, no e-mails and no Wii numbers are collected for any other purposes than Connection Ambassador promotion. When Connection Ambassador promo will end, this service will be shut down.

And what about privacy (my Wii number, e-mail)?

Your Wii number and e-mail address will be known only to Your Connection Ambassador, You will know e-mail address and Wii number of Your Connetion Ambassador, that's it and that's all.

Is there any authority to resolve disputes between parties?

No, sorry. This is only between You and Your Connection Ambassador.

Connection Ambassador - When do I get Wii number to register?

An e-mail with Wii number to register (in this promotion) will be sent to You when You will become Connection Ambassador for Your country and someone newly registers his Wii number as person who needs help. So, You will get those Wii numbers respectively to the order of newly registered users. One by one will be Wii numbers sent to You only if Your Connection Ambassador status will be YES, ENABLED. But if some other Connection Ambassador CANDIDATE will collect more referrers than You, he will become Connection Ambassador for Your country and Your status will change to YES, CANDIDATE. In this case, You have to collect more referrers etc. See bellow.

Connection Ambassador - Why do I need to "spread the word about"?

You know, there is lot of Connection Ambassadors and limited number of Wii users trying to connect their Wii to the net. Someone must be the only ONE Connection Ambassador and must be well known to be used by newcomers. Collect as many referrers as You can and get stable Connection Ambassador status for Your country (and get Wii points). This is the one and only reason of this referral game. Please be polite when referring to, thank You.

Why are you doing this?

Well, at the beginning it was about Wii points, now it is about FUN. It is really pleasure to see growing popularity of ;-) BTW Thank You All!

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Disclaimer: service is provided without warranty of any kind, You are using it on Your own risk. If You need help, please contact Your Connection Ambassador via this service. Check FAQ for details. is not affiliated with Nintendo.
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