Free Wii Points - Connection Ambassador Exchange

Get 500 Wii points, become an ambassador and get up to 10000 Wii points! Connection Ambassador Promotion unofficial meeting point.

What is Connection Ambassador promotion?

If you help someone connect his Wii to internet, both You and that person get 500 Wii Points. If you help 10 people, you get all Virtual Console NES games free. If you help 20 people, you also get all Virtual Console SNES and N64 games free.

Wii Connection Ambassador program is official EUROPEAN and AUSTRALIA+NEW ZEALAND promotion from Nintendo.
Please check this page for details.

What is this service about?

Get in contact with Your Connection Ambassador via e-mail, swap Your Wii numbers and get free Wii points from this promotion. Register as Connection Ambassador, collect as many references as possible and become real Connection Ambassador! This service will then send You max. 20 e-mails from newly registered people who want to get help.

This service is completely legit, there is nothing to worry about. only provides contact between Wii users within this promotion. By using Connection Ambassador Exchange You will NOT get into conflict with official rules of this promo. It's FREE, made by fans for fans, enjoy ;-) If still in doubt, please check FAQ.

Person who needs help

I need help with connecting my Wii to internet, or I'm new to this promo, my Wii is already connected and my Wii Shop channel account is not older than 30days.

Connection Ambassador

I'm a Wii veteran, my Wii is connected to the internet for months, I want to become Connection Ambassador and help others.
Register here... Continue here...


How to find out Wii shop account age? [W] Home -> [W] Wii Shop Channel -> [W] Connection Ambassador Promotion

Note: Symbol [W] denotes a Wii screen.

Currently Available Connection Ambassadors

Australia****-****-****-8662 Belgium****-****-****-3074
France****-****-****-8363 Germany****-****-****-6369
Italy****-****-****-8993 Netherlands****-****-****-1604
New Zealand****-****-****-6692 Portugal****-****-****-9572
UK, Ireland****-****-****-6945 Spain****-****-****-7996

Disclaimer: service is provided without warranty of any kind, You are using it on Your own risk. If You need help, please contact Your Connection Ambassador via this service. Check FAQ for details. is not affiliated with Nintendo.
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